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Cursed Edition - COMING SOON

2011-03-22 10:01:57 by gener8ion

Based on facts of actual events..

Cursed Edition is coming soon!

Thank you to those who reviewed my work with kind words,
your words make it all worth while..

Cursed Edition - COMING SOON


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2011-03-22 19:15:53

Do you have a personal website of your own that anyone can actually visit or are you freelance? As in do you work on your own?

(Updated ) gener8ion responds:

I'm a freelance :), I just do this as a hobby in my spare time.


2011-03-23 11:05:13

Ilike your Flashes, i can't wait to see it :D

gener8ion responds:


It's becoming a lengthly movie..


2011-03-27 22:52:56

i love you storys dud and for the fact there based on actuale events

gener8ion responds:

my next project will actually include the links :)


2011-03-28 23:31:12

YAY!! I cant wait. I love your movies.


2011-06-17 01:50:04

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