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Entry #13

Benkyo Edition??

2014-03-14 00:56:19 by gener8ion


Hi Guys!

Long time no see!~~~

Thank you all so much for the countless PMs regarding "Benkyo Edition"!

I have been sooo busy with real life odeals that I haven't had the time or the energy to finish the 3rd edition.

and to make it worse I have lost the half of the files that contain the Character for the movie :(

However! I have started to rework the character and hopefully I can find more free time to finally finish the 3rd horror edition!


Thank you guys for your patience~

Here is a peek at the new adopted style.


cya soon



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2014-03-14 19:09:30

Looks awesome! Can't wait


2014-03-15 11:59:25

Hell it's about time.


2016-07-03 00:48:32

it's been 2 years though and I just thought of this again and decided to check back...